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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mulch - bagged or bulk?

1 yard in bulk


= 13.5 BAGS of mulch

Many people are inquiring about the benefit between bagged mulch and bulk mulch.

So, lets take a quick moment to review the difference:

FIRST: The calculations

In order to achieve ONE YARD of mulch you must purchase 13 (2 cubic foot) bags!

There are a total of 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard. Therefore your goal to reach 1 yard

of mulch would require a purchase of 13.5 (2 cubic foot) bags.

SECOND: The cost

The cost of 1 YARD of bulk mulch can average between $28.00 and $38.00 per yard

depending on the product you select. One must take into consideration that this is a

yard of mulch dumped in a "heap" at your driveway or plantbed.

The cost of 1 (2 cubic foot) bag of Scott's mulch will cost you approximately $2.50 - $3.50 per bag. If you are going to achieve that 1 YARD - you will need: 13 X $4.97 (worse case scenario)

The total cost of 1 yard of BAGGED mulch: 13 X $4.97 - $ 64.61 per yard

The total cost of 1 yard BULK mulch: $32.00 per yard

The benefit of bagged mulch is that you can take whatever you need and purchase it as you

need. The benefit of bulk mulch is the price savings as well as you get BETTER quality mulch in bulk that is freshly ground and the colors are much more brilliant! The mulch that we provide is all natural and has no preservatives. The bagged mulch can have preservatives so that the packaging (in bags) can last through multiple seasons. Negative - makes the mulch less fresh and colorful.

So NOW I encourage you to take a moment and think about HOW you can capitalize on mulch by cutting out ALL that labor of installing while STILL coming out ahead!?

By having the mulch INSTALLED for just $52.00 per yard, you are saving over $10.00 per yard in comparison to bags! Think about it! You will not have to lift a finger or risk a back injury and you will pay LESS per yard when you have the mulch installed ...versus having to go to the store, pay MORE per yard and haul the bags of mulch back to the house, haul the bags around the yard...spread the mulch and don't forget to cleanup!


So now you have decided to call Nelson's for your mulch installation!

What are YOU doing with your free weekends?

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  4. Your math calculation is ridiculously skewed. You just convinced me to buy nag mulch because it is th ame price 2.50 x 13 = 32.50